What Is Genuine Love?

Love That Benefits The Other!
"Divine Love weaves therein only what benefits every human spirit, but not what pleases and seems agreeable to it on earth. Divine Love goes far beyond this, because it governs the whole of existence. ???"
(Vol 1/18: What separates so many from the Light today?)

True Love Is Neither Soft Nor Weak!
"Just in the most terrible tribulation of the times that the earth has ever experienced, humanity will at last learn that God???s Love is far removed from the softness and weakness which man so audaciously ascribed to It."
(Vol 1/18: What separates so many from the Light today?)

The Love Of The Father...
"Therefore awake! Shatter the walls of dogma within you, tear off the bandage, so that the pure Light of the Highest may reach you undimmed. Then your spirit will soar aloft in exultation, jubilantly sensing all the great Love of the Father, which knows no limitations of earthly intellect. You will at last know that you are a part of this Love; you will grasp It easily and completely, unite with It, and thus gain new strength daily and hourly as a gift, enabling you to ascend out of the chaos as a matter of course!"
(Vol 1/1: What Seek Ye?)

Listen To Your Inner Voice!
Heed not the dissensions of the churches. The great Bringer of Truth, Christ Jesus, the personification of Divine Love, did not concern Himself with creeds. After all, what are the creeds today? A shackling of the free spirit of man, enslavement of the Divine spark dwelling within you; dogmas that seek to compress the work of the Creator, and also His great Love, into forms moulded by the human mind. This indicates a dishonouring of Divinity, a systematic disparaging.
(Vol 1/1: What Seek Ye?)

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The Religion Of Love?

THE RELIGION OF LOVE has been misunderstood, because the concept of love has in many ways been distorted and misrepresented, for the greater part of true love is severity! What is now called love is anything but love! If all so-called love were relentlessly sifted to the bottom, nothing would remain but selfishness, vanity, weakness, desire for ease, conceit or instinct.

Genuine love will take no account of what gratifies the other, of what is agreeable to him and gives him joy, but will only direct itself towards what will benefit him, regardless of whether it affords him pleasure or not. That is genuine love and service!

If, therefore, it is written: ???Love your enemies???, it means: ???Do that which will benefit them! Punish them if they cannot otherwise be made to understand!??? That is serving them! But justice must prevail, for love cannot be separated from justice ??? they are one!

Misplaced indulgence would mean fostering the faults of the enemies and thus letting them slide further on the downward path. Would that be love? On the contrary, by acting thus one would burden oneself with guilt!

Through the unexpressed wishes of man alone the Religion of Love has deteriorated to a religion of laxity, as also the personality of the Bringer of Truth, Christ Jesus, has been dragged down to one of weakness and yielding, characteristics which He never possessed. It was just because of His all-embracing Love that He was so harsh and severe among the men of intellect.

That He was often overcome with sadness is natural when one considers His high mission and the human material He had to deal with. This sadness had nothing whatever to do with weakness.

After eliminating all distortions and dogmatic restrictions, the Religion of Love will be a doctrine of the strictest consistency, in which no weakness or illogical indulgence is to be found.

(The Religion Of Love - Vol.II - Lecture 08)
(In The Light Of Truth - The Grail Messsage)

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The Grail Message
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Genuine Love

AMONG ALL BOOKS of spiritual content, this work occupies a truly unique place. It can be said that The Grail Message gives an explanation of the World, for it offers a complete survey of everything that exists between God and us human beings. It is the author???s declared intention with his work to lead seekers again closer to life ??? indeed, back to God.

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"I wish to fill the gaps which have so far always remained unanswered in the souls of men as burning questions, and which never leave any serious thinker in peace, if he honestly seeks the Truth."

"In order to convey to mankind such knowledge, which gives them a clear and intelligible conviction of the working of God in His Justice and Love, I have written the work ???In the Light of Truth???."

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