The Holy Grail
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What Is The Holy Grail
The existence of The Holy Grail is a critical aspect in mankind's existence and is explained by Abd-ru-shin in The Grail Message.
The Holy Grail is a Chalice, which is to be found in the Grail Castle on highest plane of Creation at the border to the Divine, and forms the singular connection between God and the Creation. The Grail is the point of power-transfer for the Radiation-power emanating from the Divine. Just as the heart allows blood to pulsate through the human body, thus streams the creative power of the Divine once a year through the Holy Grail into Creation, to strengthen and sustain it through this renewed power.

What Is The Grail Castle?
Far above the eternal cycle of Creation there floats like a crown in the centre an ???Azure Island???, the abode of the blessed, of the purified spirits, who may already dwell in the Regions of Light! This Island is separate from the World. Therefore it has no part in the cycle; but in spite of its height above the rotating Creation, it constitutes the support and the centre for the outgoing spiritual forces. It is the island that bears on its height the much-praised city with its streets of gold. Here nothing is subject any longer to change. No ???Last Judgment??? is to be feared any more. Those who can dwell there are ???at home???.
But as the last, as the highest on this Azure Island, inaccessible to those not specially called, stands the ... Grail Castle, so often spoken of in poetry!

What Is The Purpose Of The Holy Grail?
It is the moment in which the Love of the Creator radiantly flows forth in the Temple of the Holy Grail, bringing new life and a new urge to create, pulsating downwards and diffusing itself through all the Universe. A trembling and a holy awe, with forebodings of joy and great happiness, vibrate through all the spheres. Only the spirit of earthman still stands aside, without intuitively sensing what is happening particularly to him at that moment; or in what a dull-witted manner he accepts such an immeasurable gift, because the limitations he imposed upon himself through his intellect no longer permit him to grasp such greatness!
It is the moment when a new supply of vital energy is sent out into the entire Creation!

Read In The Grail Message Here

Read In The Grail Message Here

The Holy Grail
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Origins Of The Grail Legends?
Through revelations, tidings of the Castle were brought down stage by stage the immense distance from the Azure Island through the Ethereal World, until finally, through a few deeply inspired poets, they also became known among people of the gross material earth. Passed on downwards step by step, the Truth also unintentionally suffered various misrepresentations, so that the final version could only be an increasingly dimmed reflection, which gave rise to many errors.
If now from some part of the great Creation in dire distress, suffering and ardent appeals rise to the Creator, then a Servant of the Vessel is sent forth as a bearer of this Love to intervene helpingly in the spiritual need. What floats merely as a myth and a legend in the Work of Creation then enters Creation as a living reality!

What Is The Grail Message?
The explanations of the work ???In the Light of Truth??? build on the basis of simple, understandable laws of nature, that are just as effective in external reality as they are in the inner life of an individual. They address typical human experiences, highlight strengths and weaknesses and give pointers to hidden shortcomings however also to the many opportunities that daily life offers for spiritual progress. The reader therewith has the opportunity to rediscover the content of the lectures in his own life and to recognise it as being true. Thus, spiritual experiences containing deep intuitions may be combined with logical-objective conclusions to form an all-embracing holistic worldview in which there is no separation between the scientific and the religious search for the truth.

Who Is Abd-ru-shin?
ABD-RU-SHIN (civil name Oskar Ernst Bernhardt) was born in 1875, in Bischofswerda, Germany. At the outbreak of World War I, Mr. Bernhardt was living in London. On account of his German citizenship, he was imprisoned on the Isle of Man for the duration of the war. The seclusion of internment brought with it an inner deepening, and after returning to his homeland Mr. Bernhardt soon became conscious of his task: to open the path for mankind to a new knowledge of Creation.
In 1923, he began writing essays of a spiritual nature under the pen name "Abd-ru-shin", and by 1937, the lectures which constitute the Grail Message were completed.

Read In The Grail Message Here

Read In The Grail Message Here

The Holy Grail
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The Grail Message - Volume 1 - Paperback
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The Holy Grail Stands At The Border Of The Spiritual And The Divine!
At the summit of the eternal Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality stands the Castle of the Grail, spiritually visible and tangible, because it is still of the same species of spiritual substantiality. This Castle of the Grail contains a Sanctuary which lies on the outermost border adjacent to the Divine Sphere, and is thus of still finer consistency than the rest of spiritual substantiality. In this Sanctuary, as a pledge of the eternal Goodness of God the Father, as a symbol of His Purest Divine Love, and the point from which Divine Power issues, stands the Holy Grail!

The Grail Was Not The Cup That Caught The Blood Of Jesus!
Nor is the Holy Grail meant to be the cup which the Son of God used during His last meal with His Disciples at the end of His Ministry on earth, and in which His blood was afterwards caught when He was on the cross! This vessel is a sacred memento of the Son of God???s sublime work of redemption, but it is not the Holy Grail of which the poets of the legends were mercifully granted to sing praises. These legends have been misinterpreted by mankind!

The Sacred Vessel of the Pure Love of the Almighty, the Grail!
This is a chalice in which it bubbles and surges unceasingly like red blood without overflowing. Enveloped as it is in the most Luminous Light, it is granted only to the purest of all spirits in the Realm of Spiritual Substantiality to look into this Light! These are the Guardians of the Holy Grail! If it is said in the legends that the purest of men are destined to become Guardians of the Grail, this is a point about which the blessed poet has drawn all too earthly a picture, because he was unable to express himself differently!