Aspects of Free Will

Free Will And The Outcomes
"But today there will be no recurrence of what happened in Christ???s time! At that time the Word came! Mankind had their free will, and the majority then decided to reject and repudiate this Word! From that time onwards they were subject to the Laws, which were automatically linked to the free decision then carried out in this way.
Thereafter men found all the fruits of their own volition on their self-chosen path."
(Vol 1/18: What separates so many from the Light today?)

The "Freedom" To Cause Both Joy Or Suffering?
"Man has now disrupted this normal course in all development through the base use of his free will, with which he formed ethereal bridges to the region of Darkness, so that those who had sunk there could be thrown onto the earth-plane like a rabble, who now joyfully populate the greater part of it."
(Vol 1/18: What separates so many from the Light today?)

Is Free Will Intrinsic To Humans?
"God endowed the human spirit by its very nature with the free will to decide. Only through this can it mature as it should, refine itself and develop fully. Only therein lies the possibility for it to do so."
(Vol 1/19: Once Upon A Time...!)

Free Will - Decision - Responsibility
Among all creatures in Creation the human spirit is the only one to have free will, which until today he could not explain and did not understand, because within the narrow bounds of his intellectual pondering he found no essential facts to prove it.
His free will lies solely in the decision, of which he may make many every hour. In the independent weaving of the Laws of Creation, however, he is unswervingly subject to the consequences of every one of his personal decisions! Therein lies his responsibility, which is inseparably connected with the gift of free will to make decisions, which is peculiar to and an absolute part of the human spirit.
Otherwise what would become of Divine Justice, which is firmly anchored in Creation as support, balance and maintenance of all the working therein?
(Vol 1/34: The Language Of The Lord)

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Man And His Free Will

IN ORDER TO give a complete picture of this, much that is extraneous but which more or less influences the main question must be taken into consideration.

Free will! This is something which even many eminent persons ponder over, because the laws of justice decree that where responsibility exists there must also unquestionably be a possibility to make a free decision.

Wherever one turns, from all sides one hears the question: Where does free will come in if in fact man is subject to Providence, guidance, destiny, the influence of the stars, and karma? Man gets pushed, polished and moulded whether he wishes it or not!

Serious seekers eagerly seize upon all that is said about free will, rightly discerning that it is just on this subject that an explanation is very necessary. As long as this is lacking man cannot adjust himself properly so as to maintain the position in this great Creation which is rightfully his. If he is not properly attuned to Creation he must remain a stranger in it. He will roam about and have to submit to being pushed, polished and moulded because he is not conscious of the purpose of life.

His great deficiency is that he does not know where his free will comes in and how it functions. This fact alone shows that he has completely lost the way to his free will and no longer knows how to find it.

The entrance to the path leading to this knowledge is blocked by drifting sands and is no longer visible. All traces are effaced. Man runs around irresolutely in circles, tiring himself out, till a fresh wind comes at last to make the path clear again. It is obvious that in this process the drifting sands will first be violently whirled up and, be fore they are carried away, will blind the eyes of many who continue hungrily to seek the entrance to the path.

For this reason everyone must exercise the greatest care to keep his vision free until the last grain of drifting sand is blown away. Otherwise it might well happen that, although he sees the way, his somewhat obscured vision may cause him to take a false step, stumble and fall, and thus sink away when the path is right in front of him.

The lack of understanding which men stubbornly show regarding the actual existence of free will has its roots mainly in the fact that they do not know what the free will really is.

Although the explanation is already given in the words themselves, here as elsewhere man overlooks such simple things because of their utter simplicity. Instead he searches in the wrong place, thereby preventing himself from getting a clear picture of free will.

The great majority of men today regard the will as something forcefully brought into being by the earthly brain when the intellect, which is bound to time and space, indicates and decrees a certain definite direction for thoughts and feelings.

However, that is not free will, but the will bound by the earthly intellect!

(Continues: Man And His Free Will - Vol.II - Lecture 22)
(In The Light Of Truth - The Grail Messsage)

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